Peace Day Austin made its debut in 2014 as the name of this website — a site dedicated to building awareness of all the activities already happening to celebrate Peace Day. 


The image above was featured on its  home page. It's also the image SICA has used since 2012 for its Poems for Peace initiative. Many events celebrating peace that were offered by diverse organizations all across Austin were featured on this site in 2014. We applaud the organizers of all those events and the thousands who participated! 


We continue to be inspired by the work of Jeremy Gilley and Peace One Day and the millions that have joined his passionate campaign to secure One Day of Peace, One Day of No Fighting all over the world.


Maybe that One Day starts with each of us.

The Peace Day Austin team would like to thank all its partner organizations, sponsors, and supporters for their help in making this site a reality. We would especially like to acknowledge and thank the Peace Day Philly team for inspiring us to create this site and for the many references and support materials related to Peace Day that we were also able to use on our site.  Thank you City of Brotherly Love.

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