Compassion Games

September 11 - September 22, 2020 FREE!

Any Peace Day Austin activity, service, project, or event can also be part of the Compassion Games. No matter where you are you can perform a Random Act of Kindness, or become a Secret Agent of Compassion and receive a secret mission for each of the eleven days. Are you ready to challenge each other to make the world an even more compassionate place to live? Game On! Register here to play

Questions? Contact compassionateaustin@gmail.com.

Global Moment of Silence
September 21 

Individuals, organizations and countries are being asked to observe a Minute of Silence - Moment of Peace on the UN International Day of Peace, September 21, at 12noon local time. This simple yet profound and practical action demonstrates that personal and planetary peace are one.

“As everyone knows, who takes a moment of silence from time to time, it is what remains that really counts as the moment progresses. And what really counts is life and love and our responsibility to each other. We are connected to all life throughout time and space, shaped by generations past, connected today around the globe, shaping our generations to come. A shared moment of silence to honor this connectedness is a simple and elegant statement of connection to life.”
          - Astronaut Rusty Schweikart (stated at an International Day of Peace celebration hosted by Pathways to Peace, San Francisco, 1984)


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