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As Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day says, "Instituionalizing a day of peace is just a process. The real success of Peace Day comes down to individuals getting involved and taking ownership of the day."

Founded by families who lost loved ones on 9/11 Peaceful Tomorrows is committed to turning grief into ACTIONS FOR PEACE.




Every year, millions of people and thousands of organizations across the world organize all kinds of events to promote awareness of Peace Day, and to encourage peace-building, forgiveness, reconciliation, nonviolence, and dignity for all in their own local communities. What we do personally and locally nurtures our humanity globally.


Several local organizations and groups have come together to facilitate PEACE DAY AUSTIN, this city-wide celebration of Peace Day in order to give our own citizens an opportunity to use this global platform to create and participate in meaningful peace-building activities and events right here in our own community. 


JOIN US!  Peace Day Austin welcomes and invites organizations, neighborhood groups, theaters, galleries, eateries, clubs, faith communities, businesses, schools and universities, law enforcement, civic leaders and individuals of all ages to participate in Austin's celebration of Peace Day by creating and/or engaging with activites that awaken and nurture the capacity within each of us to create a more liveable and peaceful world. Activities can happen between 9/11, a Day of Remembrance and Service, and 9/21, the United Nations' International Day of Peace.


Such events can include concerts, poetry readings, coffee mornings, art and photography exhibitions, flash mobs, screenings of films, singalongs, prayer meetings, symposia, games — and always a moment of silence at noon on Peace Day itself, September 21.


When we celebrate Peace Day together, we also celebrate each other. As the song says, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."


To learn more about how YOU can get involved, go to the “What Can You Do” section of this website!

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