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Celebrating International Peace Day
9/11/22 to 9/21/22


JOIN US in using the platform of the United Nations International Day of Peace, 21 September, as a global time of local opportunity to come together in spirit and action for greater peace. You will also be joining the millions of people around the world participating in activities, events, concerts, and festivals to celebrate our International Day of Peace, September 21.

PEACE DAY AUSTIN is a collaborative grass roots initiative to explore, express,  share, welcome, and celebrate what peace means to each of us as we travel from 9/1l, a Day of Remembrance and Service,  to 9/21, the United Nations International Day of Peace.  LEARN MORE

FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL INITIATIVES in education, arts, sports, service for others, environment, nonviolence, conflict resolution, justice, faith, spirituality, community activities and intercultural dialogues, there are a many rewarding ways to participate in Peace Day!


It can be as simple as observing a moment of silence at noon on Peace Day, or volunteering to help homeless veterans.Or it can involve getting your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, or friends together to create a larger community event! Making peace often starts wtih ourselves.

We've assembled a host of awesome Peace Day activites you can join or create on your own — for all ages and all kinds of people, too!  You matter!   LEARN MORE


We agree that it's time to all work together for peace and to make our world a better world for everyone to live in.

Visit one of our partner organizations working with SICA and Peace Day Austin and and the Charter for Compassion and many more  to learn more!  Click on link below or image left

11 Days of Global Unity —  11 Ways to Transform Our World September 11- 21, 2022 and culminating on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE Sept. 21st! 

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